Sunday, April 28, 2013

Accepting Help

My writing pal and I won't be writing until a week from Tuesday, May 7 because of our schedules. I miss the exercises. When we discussed the trigger phrase, "he pressed his index finger over her mouth," we both wanted to do something positive and ruled out a domination scenario. The quote is from Beverly Barton's, Every move she makes.

He pressed his index finger over her mouth. “shh”

She wanted to say "but". He shook his head as soon as her lips parted. “I won’t hear another word about it.”

Then he went to his oak desk and took his check book. “Will $5,000 be enough?”

She fought with herself not to say “more than enough.” It would let her fix up the storefront she found and at least lease the oven and mixing equipping.

“You didn’t even look at my business plan.”

“I don’t have to. I’ve known you since you and Andrea nearly drove me crazy with your music.”

This had been her second home as a teenager. She and Andrea had been inseparable, and thanks to Skype she and her best friend were able to talk almost daily, even though Andrea now lived in Japan and Myra was in Boston.

Andrea had been her lifeline when Jack had walked out leaving her with a baby. It was Andrea who urged her to go to her father to ask for a loan to set up a business. “You can’t earn enough as a secretary to support you and the baby,” Andrea had said. “Put a business plan together. It will help you focus.”

So she had. The idea of a cupcake shop near a private school with good traffic harnessed her hobby. The area was trendy enough. She also had diabetic cupcakes and good to the earth cupcakes planned, things to make her different.

Three colorful decorated cupcakes
Banks almost laughed her out the door. Each time she checked her numbers and each time she was sure of her profit margins. Her ideas on offering her cupcakes for parties, not just kids, but to businesses as well, even if only half came to realization, made the bottom line seem reasonable.

She brushed away her tears of gratitude as she took the check to her future.

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